Bouzuki and Flat-back Mandocello Tonewood: Backs and Sides

All backs are 2 piece and bookmatched unless stated otherwise.  If you are curious about our grading system, you can find an explaination right here.

Back: 3/16" x 6 3/4" x 17"
Side: 3/16" x


Tasmanian Blackwood Bzk - Set 421

Tasmanian Blackwood Bzk - Set 433

This set will fit a Bouzuki or a Manodcello

Beech - Bouzuki/Mandocello

Cucumber Magnolia - Bouzuki/Mandocello

English Walnut - Bouzuki/Mandocello

Ancient Kauri, White Bait on Flame - Bouzuki/Mandocello

Ancient Kauri, Flame - Bouzuki/Mandocello