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The Cost

Acoustic Guitar Construction - core program

Tuition $2950   Materials $1000  TOTAL cost $3950

Tuition and materials are tax deductible in Canada due to our Provincial Licnesing regulations.

Canada Student Loans are available to Canadians. This is a Certificate program

A $200.00 deposit is required to enroll.  Please select the dates you wish to attend and fill out the form, we will then notify you if you have been accepted into the course and send you an information package to complete the enrollment process.  If you are applying for an optional second course please indicate which option you are intending to take.  If the course you want is full, we will fit you into the next opening. Timeless Instruments is not responsible for injuries due to student negligence or abuse of tools.

Canada and Saskatchewan Student Loans programs are available to eligible students who have been accepted through Timeless Instruments.  The federal and provincial governments offer student loans on the basis of need.  Students are encouraged to apply at least six weeks prior to course start date and can apply on-line.


Acoustic Guitar Construction Course

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