CocoBolo Back - 308

Three piece back.  Cut pre-Cites listing.  Comes with a certificate of origin.  This back does not come with sides

Lipstick Single Coil Pickups

Vintage Chandler Lipstick Pickups from the 1990's  These are from an estate that we acquired and are sold as a set.  We only have one set of Gold and one set of Silver, then they are gone for good.

Headway Snake

B Band - 1470 Bridge Plate Pickup

This is a bridge plate pickup that can be attatched to another BBand system


BBand A3T-29R

BBand A5t-29R

Ebony pieces and piano keys

Offcuts of ebony and reclaimed piano keys. 2 lbs. Usable for nuts, trim . heel caps. inlay.