The Soundwedge from Timeless Instruments.

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The Prairie Oasis of Lutherie.

Dedicated to educating people in Lutherie skills , supplying luthiers, and custom- building musicians exceptional sounding musical instruments. with "Action like the Speed of Light"

Since 1980, David Freeman created Timeless Instruments. A one stop shop for luthiers and musicians!

In 2011, His son, Seth joined the company, We offer Personalized service! Since 2020 Seth has moved on, Thank you for all he did for this Business! Seth has remained a support in many ways!

Timeless Instruments is recently purchased a quantity of Quilted and Curly Maple . from Ukelele to Cello sets. This will come online as it gets processed.

,,,, next course October 21, 2024 to December 6,2024  It is filling already !
In a Guitar Construction course, You learn design, construct, assemble,finish & set up, evolving and researching acoustics in unique instruments that push Sound and Playability,while maintaining Traditional Aesthetics.

We supply orders through the mail. This shop is well stocked. We offer some custom work if you don't see what you need contact us.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us! Be well and spend this time building beautiful instruments. Blessing of Health and Creativity !     

  TIMELESS INSTRUMENTS  is a Canadian distributer for The Duke of Pearl.  We can bring shell into Canada for you !

      To buy or commission an instrument by David Freeman, check out our Instruments For Sale, or to view some amazing, handcrafted guitars head to our Multimedia Gallery.   If you can't find something you need then please email as we do welcome customized orders; we'll do our very best to help you out.

     Lastly, you can learn more about David Freeman and Timeless Instruments right here. Thank you for coming to our website, there's a lot to see here but let us help you get started, if something isn't finished, please inquire ( or check back later, we're working hard to make this site better all the time.

     Our Facebook Group is a community of builders and musicians discusing all kinds of things related to the craft. Please come and join the conversation.

     Our YouTube Channel has a collection of videos videos about Timeless Instruments, there are more here  more here You can learn about the school, or the guitars we have made, and even hear them being played. There is also a very good video defining sound qualities to help you define what an instrument sounds like.                     

This book has it all! If you want to Build an Arch top Mandolin it covers  the process!  $58.45  Roger Siminoff Who has built mandolins for many years.
This guitar was the return to the florentine Cutaway for me, instead of a Venetian.. with lots of pearl trim. and a big sound in a little guitar. Inspired by the late Rob Girdis, I built this tribute Parlour in his honor.

The first soundwedge in a classical. Centred soundhole! Rolled top armrest,
Torres influenced fan bracing pattern. 
 Sideport with sliding door, for directional projection & tonal adjustment.
Excellent sustain & overtones Strong Bass & trebles response