Tasmanian Tonewoods RARE , Limited Offers : CLEARANCE SALE.!!

Customers of Timeless Instruments know how we value Customer service! Bringing you the best quality we can source, or defining the wood quirks, and pricing accordingly.

   The wood on these pages that has been listed since 2020 is of good quality. Admitedly, the prices were high, and nothing sold. They have been reduced in 2023 to clear this stock. The new woods being listed in 2023 were kept off the market as Timeless tried to negotiate returns , refunds, or replacement to present the quality we aspire to.  However now, it is presented As it arrived...
    We tried to establish a dealership however Circumstances beyond our control have prevented that. The prices listed here are our cost, so you will save on shipping, were you to buy it direct from Tasmania.

    These rare Tasmanian woods are sustainably cut. They are exempt from any cities restrictions. These woods are all about resonance! They ring and sustain and respond. They are mainly dense, though The Queensland maple is lighter,it seems stiff and hard. I have yet to build guitars with all these woods to give you a full assessment.  

For soundboards, Huon Pine & King Billy  Pine are light  but very stiff. Celery top is dense.

The woods are individually listed with pictures. Once sold, they are gone.
    The wood was not waxed on the ends before shipping from Tasmania,  and checking happened somewhere before they arrived in Canada. Some have knots or cracks that need to be worked around.  Timeless has marked Guitar or ukulele outlines avoiding any cracks caused by humidity change in shipping. The full board has been left for you to make use of all the wood beyond what you will need for an instrument. Have no fear of cracks that are off your patterns !
     A full description of the wood set is included on the file.  Such cracks and imperfections are often trimmed away to present a 'flawless' product. However, the cost of this rare wood begs you get every tidbit possible. A skilled Luthier knows how to work with, or around flaws in wood.  The quality of some does not meet our standards, over two years, Timeless could not negotiate a refund or replacements. Timeless is clearing this wood to recover cost. Some sets present you a challange of your luthier skills, and the opportunity to save valuable wood. 
"How well You hide your mistakes reflects your skill!"
If you need guidance in this, please consult with David Freeman. His 40 plus years experience will provide you with many options you can employ.

The pictures are natural, for though the use of solvents enhances the figure, when taking pictures, it also affects the wood, raising grain & potentially warping, so different angles have been used on dry wood, to show the variety of Figure. If you have any questions of a specific set, please ask.

Click on the species above or below to go to the page you want. If a link is broken please check back again, the page is still slowly being developed. Thank you to our customers who keep us busy.