Instruments by David Freeman

Below you will find a gallery of many of the instruments that David has built over the years.  When you are finished exploring them, follow these links to see some of the design series and special projects that David has created over the years.

Custom Crossover GM-03

This is a CROSS-OVER GM-03 for Classic S Strings.  When I design, I begin by determining the strings to be used, as well as the player's style.  The Classic S strings have a fine woven core wrapped in nylon.  The tension is similar to nylon strings.

Irish Bouzuki - Cherry

Black Cherry Back & sides
Sitka Spruce top .
23.5" Scale .

"10" Model Classical

Celtic Key - DVK Model

The rosette key pattern in side grain is the source of this guitar's name.

Collaboration Guitar

A rare collaboration with David Freeman and Paddy Burgin

Cucumber Magnolia Monarch

David Essig Model Resonator

Rope binding in holly and rosewood. on a Cucumber Magnolia back & sides.

GM03-12 - Mae Moore Model

Sitka Spruce top, American Black Walnut B&S, Flame maple neck, Nut 1 13/16", Chechin fingerboard 25.5" scale 1 13/16" nut, American Black Walnut pyramid bridge. Vintage flame maple binding. Lacquer finish.

Koa Classical w/ 3 piece back

Pau Amarillo

Red Cedar Classical

Tap Plate Flamenco/Jazz

Inspired by the firefly, this guitar got broken enroute to New Zealand. The removable tap plates are for drumming rhythm. The top is Englemann Spruce, the back & sides are Spanish Cedar, as is the neck. The tap plates are sitka spruce with rosewood risers. These make up 1/3 the weight of the instrument. The head reveals the signature Leaning Guitar design with gold leaf trim

The Fool #801290

Part of the Offset Soundhole Series

Built for personal friend, on the journey of discovering life and all it has to offer!
Music is expression, playing moves emotions!

Tui Series Ukulele #1

Owned and played by recording Artist Jody Weger