Queensland Maple Guitar sets. Once sold these will be gone. 4 sets only

Queensland Maple; Flindersia Breyleyanan;
Strong and Light with a full range of frequency response through bass, mids, and trebles. The figure moves from a wavy curl to fiddleback to quilt.  It can also be used for necks with the low density and high stiffness properties.

set 262 Queensland Maple

back 9" x 21" sides 5.25'x 35"  Strong figure ,wide swooping curl. great  tap tone.
Only 3 sets in stock. REDUCED TO COST

set 263 Queensland Maple figured

 sides 4.430" x35"   Back 8.5" x 21"
strong curl thru out. resonant tap tone

set 264 Queensland Maple

ONLY 3 in stock , set 262 is Great figure strong tap resonance.
sides 4.430"x35" back 8.5" x 21"  SOLD.