Instruments built with Timeless wood

Endorsers - Builders using Timeless Instruments' wood


Lute - Built by Weldon Gray of Graylore Lutes

Padauk & Maple Lute - Built by Weldon Gray of Graylore Lutes

East Indian Rosewood 12 string Head stock , Built by Billie Norrie of Norrie Guitars

Cucumber Magnolia Electric built by Chris Jaster of JBC Guitars

Spalted Quilted Maple Electric Built by Chris Jaster – JBC Guitars

Sitka top Mahogany - B&S Mahogany Neck Rosewood bridge & Fingerboard Built by Chris Jaster JBC Guitars

Sitka Top detail

Heel Neck detail

Mahogany Solid Body Electric Built by Chris Jaster -JBC Guitars


Phenomenal quality! The Sitka tops that I have gotten from David have the most amazing feel and tap that I have found from ANY supplier. I'm still holding on to a few tops that I got from David in 2002 because I'm almost afraid to use them - the quality is THAT high! Thanks David!

"Hi David,

I've spent a little time getting re-introduced to real life after that amazing guitar experience. That felt like a time-warp, where we all disappeared into Dave's World of Intense Guitar Learning.. man, that was an excellent use of seven weeks.

I noticed that my guitars tone has improved significantly as the lacquer has cured, and I thought it was pretty good to start with. I read about it in siminoff's book after i noticed it.

Right now, I rate its tone, action and intonation higher than both of my larrivee's and so does my pal Mike. Now... granted, it's no Weiman (haha), but both of my larrivees will be for sale shortly as they will be.. uh... the inferior sisters ... you just have to love that, eh?

Tonight, I prepared the "hockey sticks" to join the top with... actually I made the "sticks" from some oak that I had lying around - the perfect size for them! I also bought 200 feet of woven polyester cord for binding the guitar to the board and for joining the tops together... that's a sure sign that things are moving forward!

I've been planing one of the englemann tops I have here.. amazing, it's like somewhere around 36-40 ring-lines per inch in the centre, tapering to about 24-30 at the edges, very white with some tiny brown flecks in it near the 36/40 centre... loads of interesting character and feels very solid. I haven't done the flex or tap on it yet... I will save that for after it's joined. In all, I have seven top sets, and one of them has the most beautiful bearclaw figure. I'm pretty stoked about the potential I have here.

For now, I think I will focus on the tops. I intend to start on three guitars at once, including that amazing bearclaw top. I'm probably starting on three for a few reasons... one, I want to sell the larrivees so i need more good guitars, two, I want to make guitars for my pals Norm and Mike (just because they're awesome guys), and three.. I really don't want to #%$* up that bearclaw top, and I think that I will do each stage of construction on the other two first, then i will be ready for the bearclaw.