Lutherie Tools & Finishing Materials

Orange shellac

Orange Shellac has a deeper tint of orange. Lint will be less noticable , if your still having trouble with keeping lint, from your rubber, out of your finish.

Shellac Ultra Blonde

This is the most bleached of the shellacs. It will produce the clearest finish, with minimum yellowing . How ever lint that gets embedded in the finish is more visible.

Nut Files

These nut files are manufactured in Japan and are an excellent tool.  Sold Individually, or buy a set of 8 and save.


Crowning Fret Files

Fiberglass Go-Bars

These fiber bars are 3/16" x 1/2" In custom lengths of 12" to 48"  Sold by the foot. They will not break under normal use.
20 to 30 is usually enough for the average go bar deck.

Hard Felt Sanding block

Medium Density Felt Sanding Block

The softer brother to the classic hard felt sanding block

Plastic Pipette

This little dropper is perfect for applying crazy glue in a very localized area.  Properly used it lasts a long time without plugging or breaking.

Radius Disc

Perfect for sanding the the radius of the back onto your sides.  Made from 3/4"  MDF as Plywood warps when radiused,

   Available in 15'  , 24' or 40' Radius.

 option to have a detachable  reinforced x cross piece of  3/4"x 1.5"  spruce bars to keep things flat while sanding , Remove it for gluing .

Wet or Dry Sandpaper

Available in 600 and 1200 grit

Shellac Flakes Super Blonde

Super Blonde is the second clearest of the shellacs offered. Still clear enough to highlight the wood features, it yields a yellow finish.

Aniline Dye

1/2 oz. of dye in powder form to mix with oil or lacquer.  Please choose your color.

Weissenborn Forms

Comes with a clasp on the bottom, the end at the head will need to be held with a clamp flush to the head block.