Acoustic Guitar Construction Course Description

David Freeman Has 38 years of operating TIMELESS INSTRUMENTS School of Lutherie. He has Trained many Luthers of high esteem around the globe.! 

 This course, Acoustic Guitar Construction, is 7 weeks immersion course  The next course is  October 21,2024 to December 6, 2024. 

To do a follow up course Please contact David to arrange In shop time for you to Create an instrument of your choice. The fees are listed with the course descriptions.  This cost includes materials available in the Timeless stock.

If you prefer to stay home, simply buy a kit! However, the in shop experience will develop your understanding of how to vary the sound quality of your builds.



Acoustic Guitar Construction Course

Guitar Immersion, Learning to Design, as well as construct, with both hand and power tools, is the Basis of this training. You learn through consistently doing the work day by day, Step by step, far beyond any once a week assemble a kit course

Your understanding of how an acoustic instruments produces sound puts you years ahead of trial and error learning. You learn WHY you are making the choices,
that result in your unique instrument.

  We have trained over 650 lutheirs from over 25 countries in the past 30 years

Guitar Student at Work

The Programs
Certificate Programs:
Completing the Core Acoustic Guitar construction course earns you a certificate of Lutherie.  This is also the prerequisite course for the Diploma of Lutherie

Completing an advanced Training course following the Core Acoustic Guitar Constuction program will earn a second Certificate specific to the option taken.

Diploma Programs:

A Diploma of Lutherie is achieved by:Level 1                                                 

  • Completing the Acoustic Guitar Construction Course                                                          
  • Completing 2 additional Advanced Training courses;  Diploma Level 1 Guitar Construction Student
  • Completing 3 additional Advanced Training courses; Diploma Level 2

Diplomas will state the Advanced Training Options that were studied.


The  Curriculum

  You will learn the principles of Design, Construction, Assembly of parts, Finishing, and Set up understanding how and why to vary Your Sound, maintain structure, Create aesthetics, and playability throughout the build.

  Maximum of  7 Students to 1 teacher and 1 assistant, provides time for individual instruction in addition to group lectures

  Students 17 and older are accepted,         

  You learn the balance of acoustic properties versus structural function, to create a Steel string,  Nylon string , Baritone, Tenor, or Bass guitar

  Working from bandsawn wood with hand and power tools to create the parts, you are learning the fundamentals of creating parts, that come together as an instrument !

  You'll quickly add the design principles to your compentency tool kit

  The workshop is run over 7 weeks of class time, 40 hours a week,  280 total hours

  There are extended open-shop hours, mornings, evenings,( 6 am to 10 pm) and weekends for working on extra additions, like inlay, to enhance Your Instrument.

  This is an immersion course.  Daily immersed practice develops your skills fast.  This immersion is why so many people say: "this course changed my life"



Fitting Purflings Each workstation is equipped with a complete set of required hand tools, 
You may bring your own hand tools if desired.
You are taught sharpening techniques of tools, enabling

You to maintain your own tools to a high standard when You set up your own shop. You will learn the safe, effecient method of working hand and power tools thoughout the building process. 

Alternative methods of building are discussed with each step for your future reference, so you can pick the techniques you use in your own shop.




Design of the entire instrument is your informed choice
Step by step, you daily design and create an instrument that is uniquely yours

The  pros and cons, advantages and trade offs in design of each step are discussed in a lecture
Then a short demonstration , outines the techniques & jigs used 
You,  then create that step, focusing on what is important to your playing style
Design is integral to each step, as you learn the complete Process of Guitar Construction,
from bandsawn lumber to finished instrument


Construction of parts

Using bandsawn wood, and appropriate tools, you form Guitar parts incorporating the designs you have created
The Daily use of tools teaches and expands your skills to form the wood as you want it

This daily focus is a huge advantage over courses that are only once or twice a week, as here you are immersed in lutherie

  You are living and breathing Guitar Making,  It develops your skill, fast, through consistent practice

The Assembly

Roping BindingAssembling the top, sides, back, and neck brings it all together

Now it looks like a guitar!  

Add the bindings, fingerboard and bridge, complete the inlays,  the satisfaction in Your work is second only to playing it for the first time!


FinishingApplying a Sunburst

A choice of methods are offered to finish Your guitar
 a) You learn to spray lacquer using either / both  Compressor or HVLP systems

   b) You learn a hand rubbed French Polish method
 c) Using a specially selected oil, to finish the neck of your guitar

Guitar Set Up

One of the key stages, of Construction and Playability is the set up of Your guitar
We'll guide You to understand the relationship of the strings, nut, saddle, and fingerboard to acheive low, fast action with driving force and optimal expression of the acoustics

Set up is the most common maintenance of guitar care You become confident and competent with this aspect of Lutherie


The Wood

The best quality grade materials for your guitar construction with a good selection are availableWood Storage

There are  4 or 5 species of top woods. 5 or 6 Back & side sets,  3 or 4 neck woods for you to choose from   

   You choose either traditional or alternative woods selected for your build

                                  The acoustics and working traits of these woods are explained as we select them

 Wood Certification

Under recent Canadian Governments and CITIES Treaty 2017, a Certificate of Origin of Wood is issued to you for Your specific guitar wood


The Cost

Acoustic Guitar Construction - core program

TOTAL cost: $4460.00

Luthier Training Application Form



Advanced Instrument Training Workshops

The core Acoustic Guitar Construction Workshop, as a prerequiste, provides the core skills of Lutherie

To further Your skill development, on completion of the Core Workshop, You take one or more Advanced Training Workshops
These also run seven weeks, concurrent with the core workshop.

This advanced level of study gives you the opportunity to Design the complete instrument with overall knowledge of the process
You select the  Construction and Assembly methods of Your choice,and sharpen your wood working skills
Finishing options and final set up expand your experience of doing this work
On completion of the first Advanced Instrument Workshop, You will receive a Certificate of Lutherie
Completion of a third and/or fourth Workshop, You receive a Diploma of Lutherie

Students attend the Core Workshop lecture every morning,
then consult, a one on one session with the teacher developing the daily plan of action.

Contact  to set up a course selction program

Learn design and structural differences of a resophonic guitar versus an acoustic flat top by building a wooden body Dobro or National style resonator guitar

Upon completion of the second instrument, students will have a stonger concept of the acoustic and structural balances of an instrument

The option runs for 7 weeks, 
  shop access:  6:00am to 10:00pm
There will be lectures, consultation, and guidance to direct You in your work 

 The total cost of the option is $4460. CDN. Tri-Cone Resonator
  Time length  7 weeks

You will further Your ability to anticipate and rectify acoustic and structural problems, design capabilities, skill with tools, and materials Student Resonator


This option also runs for 7 weeks, with 20 hours per week of instruction, lectures and consultation 280 hrs and Harp Construction

 shop access 6:00am to 10:00pm
  You will study various different harp styles and sizes.
Theory consists of understanding the relationship of the sound box, pillar, and bow angles to facilitate the proper string lengths
You will learn the structural and accoustic balance on the harp
The student learns design, applied to joining angled panels, bracing for extreme string tension, stringing, tuning and
different finishing choices

Total cost $4460CDN                        time length 7 weeks

Acoustic Guitar Workshop

Design and build a second guitar, planning the entire build before You start
Incorporate new methods of construction or continue with the building method You learned in the core workshop

New methods of construction include, cutaway, finishing with colors, alternative neck join, use of different woods, or using any of the features not previously used   This allows You to solidify and expand the process already learned  add the extra step of designing & planning the complete instrument before beginning construction
Time length  7 weeks,   shop access 6:00 am to 10:00pm; 

Total cost $4460.CDN

Arch-top  Mandolin WorkshopArchtop Mandolin

This arched instrument is structured and produces sound very different from a flat top.
You will  learn the carving of the top & back plates
The neck join can vary with your design choices, 
You will choose from two possible Soundhole styles 

Time length 7 weeks,  6 am to 10 pm shop access   
Total Cost  $4460.CDN


                Arched-top Guitar Workshop

Carving an Archtop           A completely different style of guitar building with a challenge to carve the plates
Arch tops create sound different than Flat tops

You will learn these acoustic properties, and the variations you can create in sound
 You can learn a dovetail or mortoise and tenon neck join, and learn color finishing as part of the finishing schedule 

 It is a big project & needs time to complete.  Some manage to accomplish this in seven or eight weeks
I suggest You allow nine weeks.  

    Total cost $4990.CDN


If You want to develop Your repair skills, we can discuss the specific jobs You have in mind

The most common repairs would be neck resets, top replacements, head stock breaks, truss rod replacement, refretting & crowning, and general set-up

You could refer to Complete Guitar Repair By Hideo Kamimoto for ideas of the repairs You want to do

Consultation with the Instructor about the amount of time necessary will help plan the  course schedule

    Total Cost:$4460.

**If you have not taken the Core Guitar Construction workshop prerequisite, we offer specific repair training for the work you want to learn.     Cost: $960/day** only available by appointment.


Electric Guitar Workshop

You learn to design a New Model, or copy your favourite electric.  Use a bolt on,neck through, or mortise and tenon neck join.  Color finishing techniques or sunbursting Student Electric Guitarfinishes can be explored

You will Design the electronics for the sound you desire
This is a key to getting the sound production You want

Consult with to determine the time required

                                       You will want to allow 5 to 7 weeks depending on the extent of your design 
Materials  plus extras that you might wnat to incorporate on you rdesign
Total cost $4460.CDN 

                                                    these will vary widely with electronic selections


Irish Bouzouki or Cittern Workshop

Octave mandolin or Mando cello are all similar instruments with slight differences to fit the audio range, or scale lengths

BuildIrish Bouzouki Maple Back with a tail piece or fixed bridge

You can build with a curved solera top to create sustain

A good choice for taking the theory and methods you learned in the first course and applying them to achieve a very different sound on a different instrument

     Total cost $4460. CDN


Weissenborn WorkshopStudent Weissenborn

These lap guitars extend the body cavity to the head stock There is no neck
his will solidify and expand on the structure and skills you acquired in the Core Workshop and teach You new methods of constructing the soundbox. 
 The top is traditionally a hard wood, a spruce wood top creates a brighter tone.                       Lots of other choices

Time length  7 weeks  access: 6:00am - 10:00pm
  Total Cost $4460.CDN


The Team

David Freeman, Master Luthier and Teacher

David has taught lutherie since 1986 when he first established his school and custom guitar work after doing repairs since 1974 and building since 1980. David has developed a respected reputation, recognised as one of the best teachers of lutherie.

In addition to the eclectic experience of instruments and construction methods,
David has training in personal communication skills

He teaches individuals within the group, working with your learning strengths.

David's University studies include the humanities, Fine arts, and Mediation

He served apprenticeships in Music, Pottery, wood working, teaching and Agriculture. He studied Guitar building with Charles Fox & George Morris. Piano restoration and tuning began in 1985

He learned Violin Bow making with Michael Vann and trained in Violin restoration

Seth Freeman grew up in this shop. It is his way of life.

After University, and working in acting, magic, sales managment,he returned in
2011 to work in lutherie until February  2020

He has learned the skills of teaching and lutherie all his life, now working in this craft

Seth has a B. A. degree and was ordained in 2016

 David Freeman – Master Luthier Contact


Dorm Living RoomWe offer You lodging in the student Accommodation house. Dorm BedroomNO PETS

Fully equipped kitchen with stove, microwave,two fridges,and a freezer, washer and dryer, bathroom with shower for Your stay. 

There are three bedrooms, two beds in two and a larger one with three beds. Bedding is optional.

Some students forge life long friendships through sharing the learning environment, and community of living

Accomodation rent of seven weeks $490.00 Cdn

Additional living time can be purchased at $150.00 Cdn per week

There are alternative independant housing options, Inquire.

To inquire about these classes, drop us an email at,
or call us Toll Free at 1-888-884-2753 (TUG-ASKE)
Or fill out our online Luthier Training Application Form