Classical Guitars

Discover our latest design: The Soundwedge

I, David Freeman began Building Classical guitars in the early 1980's,
based on a Torres style bracing and shape.
Working with Players' wants,
this has evolved into the current “10” shape, a culmination of 4 different shapes
All classical guitars are built with a 40' solera.
Daniel Friedrichs bracing pattern, creates stiffness to the inner soundboard , leaving the rim of the lower bout much freer to flex.
You have a strong quick attack with response to the most delicate Player's nuances for the finer aspects of
Sound Quality.
I modify the bracing throughout the build, creating Your sound target, to suit the qualities of the specific wood and sound target, in your instrument.
Over thirty years experience, working with woods,
contribute to creating a
concert classical guitar

The first classical sound wedge with a cutaway was built in 2016 for
the GFA show in Denver.
This opens room for the mid range frequencies so
Your frequency is evenly balanced in the bass mid & treble ranges
The 24 frets, new to the Classical world
Extends Your playing range, and marking the 2nd octave harmonic
Sideports with sliding doors are standard on the soundwedge
You can vary the bass clarity and warmth
The port monitors the Player, a plus in Ensembles when you want to hear yourself
I played and danced Flamenco in the 90s This led to a Flamenco model that is 
Light, stiff, and responsive, and short sustain
You can play quick clear rasguedos. and emotion filled soleras
Using the experience of all of the above features will ensure
Your classical guitar will meet the high quality standards You expect


TI Brazilian

Quartersawn Brazilian back & sides from the 60's
European Spruce top. Torres Style Fan bracing.

Red Wood Flamenco

Incredibly light and responsive.  A lovely guitar to both look at and listen to. Rosette Title: " The Love between Pliades & Orion"

Soundwedge - Koa Classical

The first soundwedge in a classical. Centred soundhole! Rolled top armrest,
Torres influenced fan bracing pattern. 
 Sideport with sliding door, for directional projection & tonal adjustment.
Excellent sustain & overtones Strong Bass & trebles response

Soundwedge - Rosewood Engleman Classical

SOLD IF  You want a modle of this type. Inquire for a custom build.
Bright and crisp with a quick attack.
  This guitar is balanced and responsive. mids as strong as bass & treble.
Projection for the concert hall !
 24 frets and a deep cutaway opens up new musical options
( 5 octaves) for new arrangements.Offcet soundhole!

Rolled top armrest, Sliding door soundport