Harps are an instrument David has built since the 1990s.

Instructing Students through harp design has resulted in some great ideas

adding to the structure,sound, and versatility

to deliver You a better instrument.

Harps are currently a custom build. If you want one contact me


21 String is a small Lap harp that is easy for You to travel with.

A Celtic style with a wide Pillar or an Irish style that is compact, for travel.

27 String Shepherd's style Harp: Still small enough to carry with You.

It is large enough to get an extra octave and have more volume.

36 String Floor Harp: This can be built in both the Irish style

or the larger pillar Celtic style

All harps can be outfitted with Sharping levers of the quality You can afford.

Walnut and Cherry are the back, sides, pillar, and bow.   The soundboard is sitka spruce

You can request changes to the wood types

Consult with david@timelessinstruments.com

Harps are soulful to build

and to play!

Celtic Lap Harp

Cherry wood with an oil finish