Weissenborn workshop

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four hour workshop with Paddy Burgin on playing lapsteel/ weissenborn styles and techniques. Here is a sample of is playing during a break from his luthier business.

      The workshop will take place in Manitou Beach SK> July 29,2023 from 10am to 2 pm . Paddy will be playing a concert that nite at Little Manitou Art Gallery .
New Zealander Paddy Burgin has been playing music for a long time and much of that has been weissenborn slide guitar. 

He's spent much of the past twenty five years making and playing these instruments solo, 
in bands, and on recordings of his own original material. 
In that time he's refined his instrument building and playing style and is keen to pass on his 
knowledge of the instrument, and its application to other music. 
Paddy's instruments have been owned and played by DaVid Lindley, Danny Spitz of Anthrax, Henry Kaiser 
and many others around the world. They can be heard extensively on the soundtrack of Werner Herzog's movie, 
Encounters and the End of the World. (played by David Lindley) 
Paddy learned his guitar making skills from Saskatchewan luthier David Freeman (Timeless Instruments) 
and David is facilitating the workshop, and the concert that evening.