Big warm sound with clarity, and strong dynamics. Unique one piece douglas fir top creates that sound.

Large body creates a full sound. Action like the Speed of Light neck and Fingerboard!

Soundwedge GM-03

The first in a new series by David Freeman
FEATURING: New Soundwedge with rolled top armrest, offcet soundhole, 24 frets ,deep cutaway access Sliding door sideport!  These need to be played to appreciate ~

Balanced response bass to mids to trebles. 5 Octaves !


GM-50 Curled H. Koa Soundwedge

This is one of the best curly Koa sets I have seen!
The depth of the figure is outstanding
The soundwedge defines the Bass, & Treble side depth for better seperation, Creating room for the Mids.
Hearing is believing !  
Playing is exhilerating

Rosewood GM-50 Triad soundwedge


Triad gets its name from the simple appealling three ring rosette
Another sound wedge designed for fine Finger Picking. It delivers a balanced rich warmth to the sound

Sold !

Soundwedge - Koa Classical

The first soundwedge in a classical. Centred soundhole! Rolled top armrest,
Torres influenced fan bracing pattern. 
 Sideport with sliding door, for directional projection & tonal adjustment.
Excellent sustain & overtones Strong Bass & trebles response

Soundwedge - Rosewood Engleman Classical

SOLD IF  You want a modle of this type. Inquire for a custom build.
Bright and crisp with a quick attack.
  This guitar is balanced and responsive. mids as strong as bass & treble.
Projection for the concert hall !
 24 frets and a deep cutaway opens up new musical options
( 5 octaves) for new arrangements.Offcet soundhole!

Rolled top armrest, Sliding door soundport

Classical Friejo #031206

Strong projection, full sound.
Very Light.